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Why choose a Chartered Architectural Technologist?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Donaghadee | GT Building Design | Chartered Architectural Practice
Two New Dwellings, Millisle Road, Donaghadee. By GT Building Design.

Why Choose a Chartered Architectural Technologist to Lead your Residential Project?

A CIAT chartered professional or Architectural Technologist is similar in many ways to an architect. The early education received is different, experience often interweaves and the services offered in many cases are identical. The general feeling is that architects are at the artistic conceptual end of the spectrum, whilst technologists provide the technical knowledge and backbone to deliver projects.

Whilst it is easy to generalise the traits of an architect or an Architectural Technologist, the reality is, that the skills or natural design abilities of these two professions are based on an individual’s experience and natural abilities, rather than what they studied at university or college. There are many technical architects and many conceptual technologists.

This article looks at Architectural Technologists and how we add value to every project.

Donaghadee | GT Building Design | Chartered Architectural Practice
Replacing An Old White Conservatory, Belfast. By GT Building Design.

Let’s talk about residential projects, they are simple, right?

Often people believe that a residential project, house extension is simple, when in fact residential extensions or attic conversions are much more technical than you imagine. The complexities of dealing with such things include existing structures, restrained site access, limited space, proximity of neighbours, an aged property with unknown foundations, a buildings geometry and its existing features.

In many ways extending your home is far more technically challenging than building a new home on open land.

Design parameters, budgets are often stricter extending a home (for instance) and therefore the design response often has limited scope to be truly conceptual. This often means an Architectural Technologist with a skill set more closely linked to the technological aspects of the project will often ensure a more suitable design response. We are likely to understand and consider the technological challenges in a more meaningful way that will help you.

Architectural Technologist's come into their own when faced with such technical challenges because our training and experience has all the key architectural elements. Both technical and conceptional experience are key here to ensure a successful residential project goes smoothly.

Donaghadee | GT Building Design | Chartered Architectural Practice
Railway Cottage, Ballyclare. By GT Building Design

Why is this important for a residential project?

Apart from navigating the complexities of any project, more often residential schemes don’t have the benefit of a large design team that commercial projects do. It is imperative therefore that an Architectural Technologist such as myself has a rounded understanding of all professional areas so that I can advise you in the most appropriate manner, that is right for you and within your budget.

Donaghadee | GT Building Design | Chartered Architectural Practice
Single Storey Rear Extension, Belfast. By GT Building Design.

Architectural Technologists add value in the design process.

The Architectural Technologist will often add value to the process by reducing the number of people working on a single project. An example of this is that many architects will not carry out a measured survey themselves or deal with complex details necessary for Building Control approval and instruct a builder how to comply with regulations. Often this responsibility is passed over to an Architectural Technologist to advise.

Donaghadee | GT Building Design | Chartered Architectural Practice
Details like this may not be exciting, but they are crucial in even the smallest of projects to guide and help your builder when work begins on site. Detail by By GT Building Design.

By appointing an Architectural Technologist from the start, this can lead to a smoother project process as more technical issues are foreseen in the design process and dealt with accordingly.

Donaghadee | GT Building Design | Chartered Architectural Practice
New Dwelling with Floor to Ceiling Glazing, Donaghadee. By GT Building Design.

How can you be sure that you are choosing the right person for your project?

Ask the right questions:

  • Ask them do they have a proven technical experience as well as design experience?

  • What are their skills, conceptual or technical?

  • Ask for examples of their work relevant to your project.

  • Most importantly read reviews left by others.

  • Ask what parts of the project they will be working on and which parts of your project they plan to pass over to others?

  • Finally, consider their fees carefully and ask yourself are you getting value for money?

Donaghadee | GT Building Design | Chartered Architectural Practice
New Dwelling in County Down. By GT Building Design

At GT Building Design, I have over 35 year’s experience helping homeowners and Architects with their projects. You are guaranteed a trusted, reliable and professional service.

Donaghadee | Chartered Architectural Technologist | GT Building Design

Contact me if you need advice, have any questions, or would like to discuss ways of improving your home and thank you for reading. Glenn 07719912695

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