As a house buyer you could spend ages searching for your dream home. Most of us want the south facing garden, the perfect kitchen, or the most comfortable lounge. So why not build your perfect home from scratch? 


By constructing a self-build property you could ensure it is energy efficient and as big or small as you want it from the start. You will also be able to stamp your own ideas and tastes on the property with my help!


Why move when you can extend your existing home? You won't have to pay estate agents, solicitors fees, stamp duty, removal costs and survey fees etc, not to mention the hassle, time and effort of finding somewhere else to live! 


For a lot of us there comes a time when our homes become a bit of a squeeze, an extension can radically improve things and make our homes a more enjoyable place to live with bigger, more useable space and provide extra rooms.

Rise to the top! Imagine having your own space away from stress, a room that could become the lightest, airiest place in your house and your chance to enjoy the skyline. 


Building an extra room at the back of your house may not always be possible, especially if your garden is small. So why not consider the lower cost solution of extending into your roofspace? What’s more a loft conversion can often be completed in just six to eight weeks! 


Converting your dusty old loft is an ideal method of extending your home and could provide you with as much as a third extra floor area to your house.


A canvas for your imagination, traditional, contemporary or funky and fun. Warm in winter & cool in summer it's like putting a hat on your house and add up to 20% onto the value of your home. A great investment and return for your money!