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When buying someone else's house you may come across issues such as space or poor energy efficiency and face inheriting the previous owners problems such as damp, poor decorating choices or a layout that doesn't meet your needs. 


One way of mitigating this is to renovate a house you have just bought, but it may be expensive to pay for such improvements once you have already paid the deposit and stamp duty especially as high house values and stubborn sellers mean the cost of renovating plus some profit in reward for your efforts is rarely built into asking prices.


For those of you who want to build your own house here are a few examples of my previous projects, working closely with each client I was able to ensure that their dreams of a new home were turned into reality! 

If you require plans drawn to obtain Planning Service or Building Control approvals please contact me. 


two replacement seaside dwellings, county down

I'm delighted to say one of my projects was featured in the SelfBuild and Improve Your Home Magazine! 

To read a personal account of my client's journey CLICK HERE and refer to pages 25 to 34)

replacement seaside dwelling, county down

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housing development, old holywood road, belfast

railway cottage, ballyclare