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5 Star Review on Google!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Planning Permission and Building Control Approvals granted and I am delighted receiving another 5 star review on Google from my client.

"Glenn helped with the design and planning / build regs application for a large detached sunroom / garden room. Very smooth process from start to finish, listened and drew designs incorporating all that I asked for. Planning & building regs application went without issue. Good lines of communication throughout and timely replies. Would highly recommend!"

Peter Beck (5 Stars on Google)

This project provided a new Garden Room, also incorporating an external store.

Next stage is for a builder to begin construction on site and turn the drawings into reality. Have a look and I hope you like. 😊

Garden Rooms NI | Holywood | GT Building Design
Householders Design Statement (Prepared for the Planning Application))

Garden Rooms NI | Holywood | GT Building Design
Proposed Plan showing the new Garden Room (Study) and Store.

Garden Rooms NI | Holywood | GT Building Design
Proposed Elevation of the new Garden Room. (Study to the left with double doors and rooflights, external store on the right-hand-side accessed from the driveway))

A simple little project but just what my client asked for and within budget.

Hope you like these proposals and if you need advice about a project your are considering please get in touch. Thank you, Glenn 07719912695

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