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New Contemporary Apartments in Belfast

So here's my latest project, if you have one minute to spare please have a look and let me know what you think? If you like please do and share if you do like, your shares and likes always much appreciated by me.

Mr. Davidson contacted me with a photo of his vacant land along Grampian Avenue, Belfast. My brief from him was simple, to obtain Planning Permission for 2no. new apartments on a small strip of land at the end of an existing row of terrace houses.

Vacant site in Belfast ready for development

The existing houses are fairly traditional in nature as seen around many inner city Belfast streets. This vacant site, a narrow strip of land (fenced off in the photo) squeezed between the existing houses and a right-of way / children's play park.

The plans below show the 2no. proposed apartments.

On the ground floor Apartment 1 with one bedroom and an open plan Kitchen / Living Room, ideal accommodation for a single person or couple working in Belfast.

The larger Apartment 2 has two bedrooms occupying the first and second floors with a spiral staircase linking both floors of the apartment.

Proposed Floor Plans of Apartments

The proposed elevations shows the contemporary design of the new apartments with a two storey square bay window in render and clay facing brickwork elsewhere. Both the bay windows and the dormer window have a modern flat roof waterproofed using a single-ply membrane (anthracite grey) to provide neat lines together with 35+ years weatherproofing.

Proposed Elevations of Apartments

Thanks for taking the time to read my short blog. If you have a project you are considering please get in touch. I would be more than happy to meet up with you and discuss your scheme. Many thanks, Glenn

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