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Ballyholme Semi Gets a Makeover!

Hope you had a good week!? Thought I would share what I've been busy working on, an extension and alterations to a dwelling in the Ballyholme area of Bangor.

The existing rear kitchen and ground floor accommodation just wasn't working for the new owners of this lovely semi-detached home and contacted me to ask how I could make the changes they needed.

Their brief was to provide "an open plan kitchen, space for dining table, small sitting area, utility and downstairs WC" all within budget and here's the results.

Existing and proposed ground floor plans

Gone is the old narrow kitchen and this new open plan area will be a superb room to enjoy. The space under the stairs used to accommodate a downstairs WC. The Utility room incorporated into the existing lengthy Living Room.

The new large glazed sliding doors will maximise the views of the gardens. The contemporary flat roof detailing will be stylish and with 2 no. new Velux flat glass rooflights the new open plan area will be a lovely room flooded with natural light.

Existing and proposed rear extension elevations

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and if you would like any advice about ways to improve or extend your home please get in touch. Glenn 07719912695

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