loft conversions

A loft conversion isn’t as straightforward as it first seems and needs a great deal of thought taking into consideration all the Planning & Building Control Regulations. Where a conversion is carried out without expertise and approvals the future sale of your property will be jeopardised when solicitors acting on the purchaser’s behalf carry out conveyancing procedures.


As a general guide the following issues must be considered and catered for in any roof space conversion and with my experience I can help and advise you on all the issues: 


  • Consideration of insulation to reduce heat loss and expensive heating bills.

  • Floors, walls and doors need to resist the spread of a fire to ensure occupants can escape safely.

  • Provision of automatic smoke detection is essential to give early warning of fire.

  • Escape windows are a crucial aspect of life safety in any roofspace conversion.

  • Existing ceiling joists are rarely adequate as a floor and a new floor has to be designed to prevent collapse.

  • Additional ventilation provision is essential to prevent unhealthy living conditions and comply with regulations.

  • Condensation if not properly catered for can cause serious problems, leading to expensive remedial action. The roof construction type will require careful consideration & detailing to prevent this.

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