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Let's Convert Two Rooms Into one!

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The notion of knocking down a wall between two rooms to create one larger room can make all the difference to a home . It offers greater flexibility and a magnified sense of space. In this project, in Belfast, Velux rooflights were also introduced to greatly enhance natural light. The process of knocking a hole through a wall or removing a wall completely can be determined by you (and what is structurally possible of course), inserting steel to support the structure where necessary, and finally making good the finishes....

Belfast extension to provide an open plan Kitchen / Dining Room
Cabin Hill Park, Belfast - Two rooms become one!

1. Bypass Planning Permission. For normal (non-listed) properties, knocking through the wall between two rooms will not require planning permission.

2. Find a good builder. If you’re just going for a straightforward knock-through and you have a good idea of what you want, you may not need me. You will though need a good builder to carry out the work.

3. Consult a Structural Engineer. It is imperative that a Structural Engineer is consulted if the wall is a supporting wall. They will provide structural calculations to show what you’re doing structurally will replace what you’re taking out!

4. Notify Building Control. Minor works can be dealt with under a Building Notice which anyone can submit. If the alterations are a little more complicated then the second way is a Full Application, in which I can submit drawings on your behalf for approval. Either way, a Building Control Officer will inspect periodically to check that the works have been carried out in accordance with current Building Regulations.

Need advice? Please feel free to contact me. Thank you, Glenn. 07719912695

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