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Ditching the Conservatory

In my experience (over 30 years in Architecture) Conservatories are NOT a wonderful addition to any home but I do understand why you as a homeowner might go for this option. Perhaps thinking you will not need Planning Permission or Building Control Approval and that you will save money by not appointing a professional to design for you and then appoint a builder to build the design.

I understand Sunrooms often become a favourite room in a home and it’s not hard to see why; the abundance of natural light and the close proximity to the garden make it a room unlike any other. It's important therefore, I think, that more thought is put into extending your home rather than thinking the easy option is to buy a Conservatory.

Unfortunately a conservatory will likely come with problems:

Leaking roofs:

Leaky roofs are the bane of many a conservatory owner’s life. After all, nothing ruins a home more than water coming in from the ceiling. Likely culprits with a Conservatory being faulty ventilation vents or perished seals.

Too hot:

Conservatories get too hot during the summer months and heat up quickly making them a hothouse to sit in.

Too cold:

Conservatories can also become too cold in winter to use. If a radiator is to be installed and the existing external doors between the house and conservatory are being removed then Building Control Approval is required. In my experience some Conservatory companies will not make this known to the homeowner.


In my latest project my Clients approached me and asked if I could design them a proper Sunroom that would provide them with the space they wanted. A Sunroom that would add the WOW factor to their home and be fully useable, a fully glazed room to enjoy both in the Summer and Winter months.

The design included:

  1. New fully glazed (floor to ceiling) contemporary Sunroom with full width access & large sliding door.

  2. Moving the Dining / Breakfast Table into the new Sunroom.

  3. Creating a new Sitting Area with all the benefits of a new wood burning stove.

  4. Additional full height window in Sitting Room to provide additional light and views of the side gardens.

The contemporary look with full height insulated glazing, clean lines and extra space will be a great room for enjoying the views towards the landscaped gardens. Warm in winter and cool in Summer thanks also to the insulated roof!

I'm looking forward now to work beginning on site and seeing my drawings turned into reality!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. If you have a project in mind and thinking of improving your home please feel free to contact me and discuss.

Thanks, Glenn

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