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Measured Surveys, Why and How?


I often explain to Clients that the first stage of extending, improving or refurbishing any property is the need to have accurate existing plans, elevations and sections.

These are necessary for any Building Control or Planning Application. The council will ask to see what is existing and what is proposed, allowing them to assess that the proposals are within Planning Policy and Building Control regulations.

They are also the basis for preparing the initial sketch proposals. Later the builder will price using both existing and proposed drawings, together with a written specification.

It's crucial that existing drawings are accurate and detailed. This prevents problems arising on site and reduces the risk of construction costs spiralling upwards when construction work begins!


In general a measured survey of a house can take anywhere between 2 - 6 hrs depending on the complexities of the house, number of storey's, layout and size etc.

Firstly a sketch plan of the property is drawn and measurements taken using both tape and laser measures. Here's one example of a previous survey I carried out....

Measured Survey

Measurements of the elevations are also taken including heights of windows, doors and eaves etc. Photos also, used back in the office to refer to when transferring the survey onto CAD (computer aided drawing programme) resulting in having accurate existing drawings suitable for proceeding to the next stage.... Sketch Proposals.

Example of a Completed EXISTING Plan after a Measured Survey:

Plans drawn

Example of a Completed EXISTING Elevation after a Measured Survey:

Planning Application

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, hopefully you will have a little more understanding about the first stage of any project, the measured survey and preparation of accurate existing drawings....... Glenn


The illustrations above show a measured survey and preparation of CAD dwgs carried out by me on behalf of Knox and Markwell Architects.

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