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The Incredible Shrinking Houses!

Updated: May 12

The average new home is now just 925 square feet, barely HALF the size they were in the 1920's

  • Average homes 90 years ago usually measured 1,647 sq ft with 4 bedrooms

  • Today’s equivalent has only three bedrooms and is a mere 925 sq ft

  • Experts say new homes cause poor health, divorces and hold back children

  • One-bedroom flat today is on average the same size as a London Tube carriage

  • Britain also has the smallest houses when compared to the rest of Europe

The average semi-detached house now has one less bedroom and is much more ‘cramped, dark and artificially lit’ than those built in the early 20th century. In 1920, average homes usually measured 1,647 square feet and boasted four bedrooms, but today’s equivalent has three bedrooms and is 925 square feet.

And average terraced homes have also shrunk - from three bedrooms with 1,020 square feet, to two bedrooms and 645 square feet. Surveys show that 60 per cent of people who would never consider a new home are turned off by the size of the rooms!

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