10 Christmas facts you may not know!

Happy Christmas to you all and best wishes for the new year 2020. It's been a busy year for me and I'm ready for the Christmas break, I'm sure you are too. Enjoy! 1. Thank Prince Albert for your tree! Prince Albert introduced the tree to his new wife, England's Queen Victoria, then the tradition took off. The couple were sketched in front of a Christmas tree in 1848 and royal fever did its work. 2. Coca Cola came up with the red Santa suit! Well, Santa wore a variety of colourful suits through the years — including red, blue, white, and green — but legend has it that the popular image of his red coat came from a 1930's ad by Coca Cola 3. Stockings have a funny root! According to legend, hang

Extension & Alterations in County Down

I was delighted to be asked by Studio IDR Architects in Belfast to assist with this scheme and I'm currently preparing construction drawings on their behalf for Building Control Approval. The proposal includes a double-storey rear extension, and single-storey extensions to each side of a detached bungalow in County Down with the double-storey rear extension sitting at a lower level to the rest of the existing house. The rear extension takes the form of a decorated box, sitting within a large garden, sheltered by existing mature foliage and trees. Internally an extended dining and living area takes full advantage of the gardens, while a generous new master bedroom suite has been created on t