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Glenn Thompson

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I'm here to help you, as a Chartered Member of CIAT I will guarantee you good design, a professional and friendly service and will work closely with you to obtain your goals within budget. 

I am a fully qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists (CIAT) and as a member adhere to the CIAT's Code of Conduct at all times. 


If you need plans drawn for your project and a qualified professional to guide you as a Chartered Architectural Technologist I can manage all stages regardless of your projects size or value. 


I specialise in the technology of architecture focusing on the design of houses for use and performance. I will make the design work for you, ensuring that you achieve the maximum use of space and budget.


To provide peace of mind I have full Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover through CIAT. Details of which are available upon request.


With over 30 years experience in Architecture I established GT Building Design in 2004 to specialise in residential design. Throughout these years I have had the privilege of designing beautiful new homes and extending / improving existing homes for my clients. I would welcome the opportunity to help you with your project.

Before establishing GT Building Design I was employed as a Senior Architectural Technologist in three of Northern Ireland's leading Architectural Practices. During this period I worked on a variety of large commercial projects for clients such as:


  • Marks and Spencer

  • BBC

  • University of Ulster

  • DOE

  • NI Housing Executive

  • Royal Belfast Hospital

  • First Trust Bank

  • Ulster Bank


I’m passionate about good architecture, too many times we all see buildings which are unsightly and have not provided the client with a good return for the money invested. Whether you are building a new house, extending or altering your existing home there are three fundamental principles which I can help you achieve.


1. Function:  How the space will be used. An extension or new dwelling must accommodate practical requirements for whatever purpose you need it to serve.


2. Structure:  How your building will stand up. Whether it includes steel beams or brick walls, the structure must resist gravity and the loads placed upon it. 


3. Beauty:  This refers to the visual and sensory appeal of your building. Beauty is the ultimate test of good architecture. Without beauty, your functional space will merely be utilitarian and not architecture. Good architecture can use the same materials as existing buildings but tweak them in new ways. Other designs can introduce a completely different style. 


Will your new house / extension surprise, inspire, delight, or disturb? A tranquil courtyard filled with plants and fountains soothes our senses, while a dark, underground passageway may fill us with dread. Good architecture is about the science of structures, the craft of building, and the art of space-making and the rewards for us all can be fantastic.


Deciding to build a new house, extend or refurbish your home is a major decision that can be expensive and daunting. You will encounter a minefield of planning policies, building regulations, cost implications and design issues on even the smallest of projects. All of these will determine what you can do and how you go about doing it. I do understand the true value and significance of any investment and will be committed to finding you the best approach to suit your needs by balancing good design and budget.